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विज्ञान के दर्शन

Philosophy of science in the field of philosophy concerned foundations, methods and implications of science. The Central research questions concern what qualifies as science, the relevance of scientific theories and the ultimate goal of science. ...


सामाजिक विज्ञान

Social science is the branch of science devoted to the study of human society and relationships between people in those societies. This term was previously used to refer to the field of sociology, the original "science of society", created in the ...


प्राकृतिक विज्ञान

Natural science is a branch of science concerned description, prediction and understanding natural phenomena, based on empirical observations and experiments. Mechanisms such as peer review and repeatability of results are used to try to ensure t ...


इंजीनियरिंग भौतिकी

Engineering physics or engineering science, refers to the study of the combined disciplines of physics, mathematics, biology, social Sciences, and technical, especially computer, nuclear, electrical, electronic, aerospace materials and engineerin ...


1769 में विज्ञान

William Wales and Joseph dymond to Prince of Wales Fort on Hudson Bay. Pingre, Alexander guy in Haiti. March 4 – French astronomer Charles Messier first records the Orion Nebula, Messier 42. James cook and Charles green to Tahiti. June 3 – transi ...


1832 में विज्ञान

Isidore Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, begins publication History générale Et particulier de anomalies de l organisation Chez Les human and animal, in a key text on teratology. Dr. Thomas bell starts the publication of a monograph Testudinata, the first ...


1844 में विज्ञान

Joseph Dalton hooker begins publishing the botany of the Antarctic voyage of H. M. discovery ships Erebus and terror. 1839-1843 in London. July 3 – the last probably recorded a couple huge auks Pinguinus impennis kill on the Icelandic island of e ...


1899 में विज्ञान

The refracting telescope of 80 cm is made at the Potsdam Observatory. December 2 – during a new moon, a near-Grand conjunction of the classical planets and several binocular bodies in the Solar system occur. The sun, Moon, mercury, Mars and Satur ...


1941 में विज्ञान

George wells Beadle and Edward Lawrie Tatum publish "genetic control of biochemical reactions in neurospora", which indicates that specific genes code for specific proteins. Field, John William field, develops a stain for detecting malaria parasites.


1993 में विज्ञान

December 2 – launched on STS-61. This space Shuttle mission to the space telescope Hubble HST does not install the corrective optics, as well as updates that not only allow the telescope to focus properly, and increase / purity in the original de ...


1806 में विज्ञान

Pierre Andre Latreille begins publication in France of the genera crustaceorum Et insectorum, secundum ordinem naturalem in the ut familias disposita. Publication begins in London flora Graeca, collected by John Sibthorp.


1857 में विज्ञान

Carl Wilhelm Siemens patented the Siemens cycle. Aug Kakolewski assumes that carbon is tetravalent, or forms four chemical bonds. Robert Bunsen invented a device for measuring effusion.


1879 में विज्ञान

British childrens writer and Amateur astronomer Agnes Giberne publishes a popular illustrated book Sun, Moon and stars: Astronomy for beginners, which sells 24.000 copies on both sides of the Atlantic in twenty years.


1924 में विज्ञान

November 23 – Edwin Hubble announced his discovery that Andromeda, previously considered to be a nebula, is actually another galaxy and that the milky Way is just one of many such galaxies in the Universe. Einstein tower near Potsdam, Germany, de ...


1927 में विज्ञान

Fritz London and Walter Heitler apply quantum mechanics to explain covalent bond in the hydrogen molecule, which marks the birth of quantum chemistry.


1935 में विज्ञान

Vitamin E was first isolated in pure form from the Gladys Anderson Emerson at the University of California, Berkeley. April 13 – Dorothy Hodgkin publishes his first solo paper, the technique of x-ray crystallography of insulin. February 28–March ...


1624 में विज्ञान

Henry Briggs publishes the year Logarithmica. Edmund Gunter produces a description and use of sector, cross-staffe, and other instruments for such as are diligent mathematical practice, notable for being published in the English language as a pra ...


1633 में विज्ञान

June 22 – Galileo Galilei, Italian scientist condemned by the Inquisition of heresy for his book dialogue concerning the two chief world systems. He is sentenced to house arrest for the rest of his life.


1649 में विज्ञान

Frans van Schooten publishes the first Latin version of Rene Descartes La geometrie website. His comment makes the work accessible to the General mathematical community. The Latin version also includes Florimond de Beaunes notes brieves, the firs ...


1660 में विज्ञान

28 November – at Gresham College in London, twelve men, including Christopher Wren, Robert Boyle, John Wilkins, Robert Moray, meet me after the lecture Ren and determination found a "College for the promoting of physico-Mathematicall Experimental ...


1956 में विज्ञान

Records of Wesley K. Whitten eight cells of developing mouse oocytes to the blastocyst stage in vitro. March – Denham Harman proposes the free radical theory of aging.


1519 में विज्ञान

"Miller Atlas", produced in Portugal. September 20 – Ferdinand Magellans fleet sets sail from sanlúcar de Barrameda to find a way westabout to Asia.


1654 में विज्ञान

Sicilian astronomer Giovanni Battista Hodierna publishes de systemate Orbis hotel cometici, DECA admirandis Coeli characteribus, including the catalogue of comets and nebulae.


1688 में विज्ञान

August 14 – Johann Leonhard Rost, German astronomer, died 1727. September 26 – with Willem Gravesande, a Dutch scholar, died 1742. January 29 – Emanuel Swedenborg, Swedish scientist and theologian died 1772. November 15 – Louis Bertrand Castel, F ...


1705 में विज्ञान

Edmund Halley, in his synopsis called Cometicae, claims to have seen the comet in 1456, 1531, 1607, and 1682 were actually a single comet and correctly predicts that he would return in 1758.


1706 में विज्ञान

John introduces the machines, quickly converge with inverse tangent series for PI π, which allows it to be computed to 100 decimal places. Proposes to use the symbol π is the Greek letter "PI", and the abbreviation on the perimeter to represent t ...


1711 में विज्ञान

Giovanni CEVA publishes de Re Nummeraria about money matters, one of the first books on mathematical Economics. John Keill, writing in the journal of the Royal society and Isaac Newton suggested, a blessing, accused Gottfried Leibniz of plagiaris ...


1734 में विज्ञान

George Berkeley publishes the analyst, an empiricist critique of the foundations of calculus of the infinitesimal quantities that influence the development of mathematics. Leonhard Euler introduces the integrating factor technique for solving fir ...


1742 में विज्ञान

June Christian Goldbach produces Goldbachs conjecture. Colin Maclaurin published his treatise on Fluxion in the UK, the first systematic exposition of Newtons methods.


1743 में विज्ञान

November 29 – Opening of C / 1743 X1, from the great comet of 1744 SIC., Jan de Munck at Middelburg, and later de city Chezeaux. and Klinkenberg.


1744 में विज्ञान

Susanna Drurys illustrations of the giants in Northern Ireland, engraved by Francois Vivares in London, 1743-4, in the result of rock with the wider European notice.


1753 में विज्ञान

May 1 – publication of large arborescent species of Linnaeus, the beginning of the formal scientific classification of plants. June – establishment in Florence, the Academy dei Georgofili, the worlds oldest society devoted to agronomy and scienti ...


1773 में विज्ञान

October 13 – French astronomer Charles Messier discovers the whirlpool Galaxy photo interacting, Grand design spiral galaxy located approximately 23 million light-years away in the constellation Canes venatici. Lagrange presents his work on the s ...


1794 में विज्ञान

Antonio Scarpa publishes neurologicae Tabulae ad illustrandam historiam cardiacorum nervorum, Noni nervorum cerebri, glossopharingei Et pharingei, the first work to give an accurate answer to the question of cardiac innervation, as well as the op ...


1798 में विज्ञान

The element beryllium discovered by Louis Vauquelin as the oxide in beryl and emeralds. Friedrich Wohler and A. Bussy independently isolated the metal in 1828 in the interaction of potassium and chloride of beryllium.


1847 में विज्ञान

August 13 – the English astronomer John Russell hind discovers the asteroid 7 iris from London. A new edition of the astrometric star catalogue the story of Celeste française published, from which the number of the Lalande star reference which co ...


1923 में विज्ञान

Jun – Hermann Oberth publishes the rocket die ZU Den Planetenraumen "the rocket into interplanetary space". October 21 – the first official public showing of the planetarium projector Zeiss model in the German Museum in Munich.


1955 में विज्ञान

Jan Oort confirms that the polarized light of the crab nebula is synchrotron radiation. December 14 – annular solar Eclipse. 29 November – a partial lunar Eclipse. June 20 – a total solar Eclipse is 7 min 8 sec duration, the longest between the 1 ...


1505 में विज्ञान

Portuguese to reach the archipelago of the Comoros. Bermuda was discovered by Spanish Navigator Juan de Bermudez. 1505 or 1506 by the Portuguese Navigator gonçalo Alvares first glance, that would later be known as the Island of Gough.


1808 में विज्ञान

Jöns Jakob Berzelius publishes Larbok I Kemien in which he proposes modern chemical symbols and notation, and concepts of relative atomic mass. Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac formulated the law of combining volumes for gases. Barium, calcium, magnesium, ...


1723 में विज्ञान

George Graham discovers diurnal variations of Earth magnetic field. Antoine de Jussieu publishes de lOrigine and customs De-La-Pierre-de-zip on the origin of fossils, prehistoric stone tools and meteorites.


1751 में विज्ञान

Globular star cluster 47 Tucanae or 47 TUC, visible to the naked eye from the southern hemisphere, discovered by the French astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille, who catalogues his list of southern nebulous objects: at a distance of 16000 light y ...


1780 में विज्ञान

Lazzaro Spallanzani publishes Dissertationi Di physics Animale e vegetale, the first translation is the process of animal digestion as a chemical process in the stomach, under the action of gastric juice. It also conducts important research on fe ...


1813 में विज्ञान

Charles Waterton begins the process of turning his estate in Walton Hall, West Yorkshire, England, that, in fact, the worlds first nature reserve. April – William Charles wells read a paper at the Royal society of London, makes the first clear st ...


1854 में विज्ञान

July 22 – the Discovery of the asteroid 30 Urania by John Russell hind. George airy calculates the average density of the Earth by measuring gravity at a coal mine in South Shields.


1889 में विज्ञान

Francis Galton publishes natural inheritance, a book which summarizes the results of a number of his articles and inspiring Karl Pearson, Raphael Weldon, etc. the development of mathematics and statistics of the inheritance and biometrics. Hugo d ...


1921 में विज्ञान

Etienne Bieler and James Chadwick to publish a key document about the strong interaction. Thomas midgely finds that effective anti-knock properties of tetraethyl lead which is used in "leaded" gasoline.


1973 में विज्ञान

July 25 – the Soviet Mars 5 space probe launched. March 7 – Comet Kohoutek was discovered. November 3 – Mariner program: NASA launches Mariner 10 toward mercury, on March 29, 1974 it becomes the first space probe to reach that planet, it will be ...


1989 में विज्ञान

August 25 – the spacecraft "Voyager-2" makes its closest approach to Neptune, providing the ultimate proof of the planets rings. September 5 – Pluto–Charon barycentre comes to perihelion. Discovered 4292 Aoba. (Обнаружен 4292 Аоба) Discovered 619 ...


1997 में विज्ञान

March 24 – partial lunar Eclipse. October 15 – the start of a 10-year Cassini–Huygens spacecraft to Saturn. January 17 – an explosion of Delta II rocket carrying a military GPS payload shortly after launch from Cape Canaveral. March 8 – a total s ...


1720 में विज्ञान

The great plague in Marseille, the last major outbreak of bubonic plague in Europe. May – the first patient entered the Westminster public infirmary, the predecessor of the hospital of St. George, London. Dr. Steevens hospital is set in kilmainha ...


1804 में विज्ञान

April 5 – high Possil meteorite, the first recorded meteorite fall in Scotland, in our time, falls in Possil. September 1 – Karl Ludwig Harding discovers the asteroid Juno.


1841 में विज्ञान

The Reverend miles Joseph Berkeley shows that Phytophthora infestans late blight is a fungal disease. John Gould publishes a monograph of the Macropodidae, or family of kangaroos. Royal Botanic gardens, Kew, the first open to the public and Willi ...


1851 में विज्ञान

February – the first public demonstration of the Foucault pendulum in the Meridian of the Paris Observatory, showing the rotation of the Earth. A few weeks later Foucault sets one in the Pantheon. July 28 – the Solar Eclipse of 28 July 1851: a to ...


1897 में विज्ञान

Adolf Erik nordenskiöld Periplus publishes: an essay on the early history of charts and sailing directions, Stockholm. Bolton and Smethwick engine of 1779 replaced W 1892 removed to save Birmingham navigation companys "channel" was originally on ...


1922 में विज्ञान

German chemist Hermann Staudinger proposes that he will come to call macromolecules. Czech chemist Jaroslav Heyrovsky invents the polarographic methods of chemical analysis. June 20 – Degesch patent relates to a cyanide-based insecticide Zyklon B ...


1925 में विज्ञान

September – official opening Thijsses the Thijsse Hof garden, the first wildlife garden in the Netherlands, Bloemendaal near Haarlem. July 21 – scopes: in Dayton, Tennessee, high school biology teacher John T. Scopes found guilty of teaching evol ...


1982 में विज्ञान

January 17 – Allan hills A81005, the first lunar meteorite found on Earth was discovered in the Allan hills in the Transantarctic mountains late John Schutt and Ian Whillans at the time of collecting meteorites ANSMET expedition. October 14 – Hal ...


1635 में विज्ञान

John Mason, the English Explorer born 1586. October 22 – Wilhelm Schickard, a German Professor of Hebrew and astronomy was born 1592. September 16 – Metius, Dutch mathematician, born 1571.


1662 में विज्ञान

February 16 – John Evelyn presented the main text of his Sylva, or a discourse of forest trees and the animals of the woods College for the promotion of physico-mathematical experimental learning is probably the earliest Treatise on forestry publ ...


1675 में विज्ञान

March 4 – John Flamsteed was appointed "astronomical observer", in fact, the first astronomer Royal of England. Giovanni Cassini discovers the Cassini division of Saturn.


1755 में विज्ञान

Immanuel Kant develops a nebular hypothesis in his universal natural history and theory of heaven newspaper Allgemeine Naturgeschichte UND Theorie the de Himmels.


1766 में विज्ञान

Moses Harris published in Rome, or, Natural history of English insects, namely, moths and butterflies. English artist George Stubbs publishes the anatomy of the horse. April 9 – American botanist John Bartram completes its first study and catalog ...


1810 में विज्ञान

John Haslam, the resident Apothecary at Bethlem hospital in London, makes book illustrations of madness: exhibiting a singular case of insanity, and no less remarkable difference in medical opinions: developing the nature of Assailment, and the m ...


1821 में विज्ञान

Johann Franz Encke calculated that comet Encke has a periodic orbit, the second after comet Halleys comet, for which it was detected. Alexis Bouvard detects inconsistencies in the orbit of Uranus.


1829 में विज्ञान

Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet publishes a memoir giving Dirichlet conditions, showing which function the convergence of the Fourier series contains presenting Dirichlets test for convergence, the Dirichlet function as an example that not every f ...


1836 में विज्ञान

Writer Georg Buchners thesis on the common barbel fish, Barbus "note sur Le system Nerveux du Barbeaux Cyprinus Barbus L." is published in Paris and Strasbourg. In October, after receiving his doctorate, he was appointed the University of Zurich ...


1848 में विज्ञान

September 20 – American Association for the advancement of science is in Pennsylvania in the reorganization of the Association of American geologists and naturalists, with William Charles Redfield as their first President.


1936 में विज्ञान

The face of Peter is a document entitled "Uber rekursive Funktionen der damages to Stove" at the International Congress of mathematicians in Oslo, helping found the modern field of recursive function theory. May 28 – Alan Turings paper "on comput ...


1940 में विज्ञान

August 24 – Howard Florey and Ernst chain team, including Arthur Duncan Gardner, Norman Heatley, M. Jennings, J. Orr-Ewing and G. Sanders at school sir William Dunn pathology Oxford University, publishes their laboratory results showing the in vi ...


1500 विज्ञान के क्षेत्र में

5-6 November – Nicholas Copernicus observes a lunar Eclipse in Rome. 1-24 Jun – Johann Werner monitors the movement of the comet. It has been suggested that it was C / 1861 j1.


1501 में विज्ञान

Amerigo Vespucci maps the two stars alpha Centauri and Beta Centauri and the stars of the essence of the constellations that are below the horizon in Europe. Nilakantha Somayaji concludes his astronomical treatise Tantrasamgraha.


1502 में विज्ञान

August 14 – Columbus lands at Trujillo and names the country of Honduras. 21 may – the Portuguese joão da Nova Navigator discovers the uninhabited island of Saint Helena. September 18 – Columbus lands at Costa Rica. May 11 – Christopher Columbus ...


1503 में विज्ञान

April 21 – Battle of Cerignola: Spanish forces defeat the French, considered the first battle in history won by gunpowder small arms. Giuliano da Sangallo builds a city sings from Arezzo in Tuscany, using new technologies bastions.


1504 में विज्ञान

Probable date – Pedro Reinels Atlantic chart is the earliest known nautical chart with a scale of latitudes, and the wind rose with a clear Fleur-de-Lis.


1506 में विज्ञान

Possible date – Nicolaus Copernicus begins writing de orbium coelestium "on the revolutions of the celestial spheres". He sends the abstract, Commentariolus, other scientists interested in this issue to 1514 and is considered to have finished de ...


1507 में विज्ञान

April 25 – Martin Waldseemuller publishes the cosmographiae introduction of the "introduction to universal Cosmography", probably written by Matthias Ringmann and accompanying wall map, the First to show America as a separate continent. Johannes ...


1543 में विज्ञान

In the year 1543 in science and technology marks the beginning of the European scientific revolution and included many events, some of which are listed here.


1553 में विज्ञान

August 14 – Willoughby, so probably a New Earth. May 10 – sir Hugh Willoughby and Richard Chancellor from the river Thames to look for a northeast passage. August – the Chancellor is included in the White sea and reaches Arkhangelsk. The Conquist ...


1555 में विज्ञान

Guillaume Le Testus Cosmographie world genius the Les navigateurs, consultant former that contains modern maps of Terra Australis. Richard Eden publishes decades on the Neva river the old or West India, translated into English part of Pietro Mart ...


1573 में विज्ञान

Publish the website for the chirurgia Magna of Paracelsus, translated into Latin his work on surgery, die Grosse Wundartzney in 1536, Basel, which allows its wide distribution throughout Europe.


1596 में विज्ञान

Johannes Keplers Mysterium Cosmographicum is the first published defense of the heliocentric system of Copernicus about planetary motion. David Fabricius discovers the first supernova variable star, OMICRON kit.


1597 में विज्ञान

With Pieter Dirkszoon Keyser and Frederick de Houtman to determine the 12 southern constellations 1595-1597, later introduced by Johann Bayer in the 1603 text Uranometria: APU, Chameleon, Dorado, Grus do not Hydrus, Indus, Fly, Peacock, Phoenix, ...


1606 में विज्ञान

Pedro Fernandez de Cueros discovers Pitcairn Island. 26 Feb. (26 февраля) Dutch Navigator Willem Janssen makes the first confirmed contact of Australia by Europeans. October – vase Luis de Torres was the first European to sail through the Torres ...


1609 में विज्ञान

July 26 – the English scientist Thomas Harriot became the first to draw an astronomical object after viewing it through a telescope: he draws a map of the moon, preceding Galileo by several months. Johannes Kepler publishes called Nova containing ...


1610 में विज्ञान

The Orion nebula discovered by Nicolas-Claude Fabri de Paresca. December – the English scientist Thomas Harriot is one of the first to see sunspots through a telescope. January 7 – Galileo Galilei first observes the four large Galilean moons of J ...


1611 में विज्ञान

February 27 – sunspots are observed by telescope Frisian astronomers Johannes Fabricius David Fabricius and Johannes publishes the results of these observations in De Maculis in private observatis in Wittenberg later this year. Such early finding ...


1612 में विज्ञान

The first description of the Andromeda galaxy based on observations telescope gives Simon Marius. December 28 – Galileo observes the planet Neptune for the first time, when it is in conjunction with Jupiter, but mistakenly catalogues it as "fixed ...


1613 में विज्ञान

Matthew Baker, the English Shipbuilder born 1530. July 2 – Bartholomew Pitiscus, German trigonometrist born 1561. June 16 – Jakob Christmann, a German orientalist and astronomer, was born in 1554. 25 Aug – David Gans, German Jewish mathematician ...


1615 में विज्ञान

Manuel Diaz Yang MaNuo, the Portuguese missionary of the Jesuit introduces for the first time in China the telescope in his book Tian Wen Lu Explicatio Sphaerae Caelestis.


1620 में विज्ञान

The work of Copernicus 1543, edited and produced under the guidance of the Congregation of the Index of forbidden in March 1616: nine sentences, which States the heliocentric system, as some either omitted or changed.


1621 में विज्ञान

University of Oxford Botanic garden, the oldest Botanical garden in Britain, founded in the physic garden by Henry Danvers, 1st Earl of Denbigh.


1625 में विज्ञान

Johann Rudolf Glauber discovers sulfate sodium Sal mirabilis or "Glaubers salt", used as a laxative in Austrian spring water. The first description of hydrogen by Johann Baptista van Helmont. The first used the word "gas".


1628 में विज्ञान

William Harvey publishes his findings about blood circulation in Anatomica Exercitatio de motu cordis Et in blood Animalibus published in Frankfurt.


1629 में विज्ञान

In London, John Parkinson publishes Paradisi in sole Paradisus terrestris for: garden of all sorts of pleasant flowers which our English Ayre will permit to be noursed up.


1631 में विज्ञान

William Oughtred publishes clavis Mathematicae of, enter the multiplication sign × and the proportion of the sign. Some of Thomas Harriots work on algebra was published posthumously, as the Artis Analyticae praxis.


1632 में विज्ञान

August 9 – the University of Leiden in the Dutch Republic decides to put the worlds first official Observatory. February 22 – Galileos dialogue concerning the two chief world systems Dialogo Sopra, so I due massimi with the positive reviews del M ...


1637 में विज्ञान

Pierre de Fermat Fermats Theorem speculation. Rene Descartes promotes intellectual rigor in the discourse de La Methode pour bien conduire SA sense and chercher dans Le La believe science and we introduce the Cartesian coordinate system in the Ap ...


1638 में विज्ञान

The final book of the now blind Galileo, Discorsi e dimostrazioni matematiche, intorno à due Nuove natural published in Leiden, concerning the strength of materials and the motion of objects. In it, he discusses the square-cube law of falling bod ...


1643 में विज्ञान

25 December – captain William Mynors of the British East-Indian company, discovers Christmas Island. January 21 – Abel Tasman discovers the archipelago of Tonga.

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